About Us


Welcome to Power 91.1 FM WTYJ!

Power 91.1 FM WTYJ was formed in 2016 by Singer/Songwriter Ty Juan and Sisters In Motion, Inc. Founder and CEO, Donna Rentz.  Power 91.1 FM WTYJ originated its broadcast through the RobinLynne Productions Network with over 2 million listeners and is syndicated in over 200 countries.  Due to high demand and popularity in their first 30 days of service from both national and international listeners; Power 91.1 WTYJ advanced to their own network.

“We wanted to create a platform for those who never get heard, to be seen and heard,” states Co-Founder Ty Juan.

WTYJ’s goal is to change the face of radio; by providing for all genres of music and talk radio under one umbrella as they dive into the new, exciting, and multi-million dollar industry of internet radio.  Power 91.1 FM WTYJ is devoted to bringing you the latest and greatest in R&B/Hip Hop, Pop/Country, Gospel, and Talk Radio.  We have formulated content that will satisfy the keenest of ears.  Shows such as “ManCave 2.0, Queens’ Haven, The Global Gospel Hour, The Future, Reset, and On the Timeline will become your evening guilty pleasures.

As for our fellow artists, our station is “for the people, by the people.”  We will continue to bring you music and programming that speaks to your soul.  Sit back, relax and enjoy what we have to offer.

Power 91.1 WTYJ Mission Statement:

WTYJ is a progressive internet radio station collectively committed to diversity, focusing on multi-genre music, public affairs issues, and the arts.  WTYJ educates and empowers the public and provides an accessible platform for an eclectic mixture of all avenues of media programming; specializing in multi-media marketing, advertising and organization… We make it sound better!


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